I had an allergy around the neck area. It is was so prickly that I could only sleep at night under strong anti allergy drugs. I had seen most of the skin and allergy specialist in the NCR , Mumbai and Pune .I have taken their expensive treatments without any permanent relief. In the end I was told that the allergy was a permanent condition, something like high BP or sugar. I had to take suppressive medications for life, as there was no cure.
Now after 8 years of hit and trial ,and having spent close to 1.5 lakhs ,once the best of the medical specialists gave up , I was willing to try anything .One of my friends recommended hypnotherapy and that is how I found Bhavya in the net.
He gave me one session of Hypnotherapy. He was very professional and Clinical about the session. The experience is something you have to go through yourself to know. For me It was so intense , I had tears in my eyes when I came out of hypnosis. Felt tremendous relief.
As far as my allergy is concerned ,it has been three days , since the session., I have purposely not taken any oral medication or applied any cream on the effected area to check out the effect of hypnosis.
I have had two nights of blissful undisturbed sleep after a very long time. The allergy has subsided, the eruptions are gone and I can see the skin drying up and healing.
I am wondering , why I suffered for 8 years , going from one skin specialist to another, hoping one of them will solve my problem. Finally it was Hypnotherapy that had the solution.
My suggestion to all is ,that if you have a medical condition for which Allopathy specialists are not much help, stop wasting money by going from one specialist to another , they are all similarly trained . Contact Bhavya. With Hypnotherapy and many other specialities that he has, in a few sessions, you may be cured. Give it a try, you may be lucky like me.
S Singh

Satnam Deol