Only treasure of a human being is his memory.

Smart memory system is a cluster of techniques that can help an individual to memorise and recall anything. This system is highly recommended for the students who seeks everlasting success in academics.

Course Content

Linking Technique

Acronym/Mnemonic Chain

Chunking Method

Substitute Word Technique

Pegging Method

Mechanical Technique

Judicious Technique

3 Colour Pen System

Mind Maps

Faster Reading Ability

Vedic Mathematics (Basic)

Goal Setting and Achievement

Exam Phobia Buster

Yog Mudra (NLP for Students)

Course Benefits

Remember Points in Sequence.
Shortcut method for any subject.

Increase Vocabulary.

Learn any foreign language effectively.

Remember Dates and Numbers.

Remember face and names of people.

Grasp any topic easily.

Learn methods of instant calculation.

Mug up easily any equations, formulas, and theorems.

Boost up your General Knowledge.

Remember scientific phenomena.

Remember Date of Births – Appointments – Telephone Numbers and Long Digits.

Learn Magic Tricks

Learn long answers, speeches, essays, articles, chapters and whole book.   

Increase Reading Speed.

Improve your performance of weaker subjects.

Counselling for perfect study.

Remove Exam Phobia and increase concentration.

Goal Setting and Achievement.

Investment - Rs.4,000/- 

This course is covered up in 4 sessions (2-3 hours each)
*Dates on request