1 Day Practical Workshop
Everyone has equal right to be successful and happy but competition starts at very young stage. In today’s fast life the need is not for Hard Study but SMART Study Patterns.
The power to achieve anything lies within us, the need is to understand power of one’s Subconscious Mind. M2 Workshop is all about Smart Study Pattern and practical programming of one’s Subconscious Mind.



Linking Method (Remember Sequence Point to Point)

Learn Definitions, Formulas, Equations, Meaning.

Remember Science Phenomenon

Remember Long Answers and Essays

Master your weaker subject

Increase interest in Studies

Memorize a Whole Book


Confidence & Power Builder

Fire Eating

Change Thoughts & Beliefs

Power of Physiology, Focus and Language

Remove Exam Phobia

Law of Attraction

Goal Setting and Achieving

Enhancing Relationship

Mental House Cleaning


Dance Meditation


Increase Memory, Concentration & Grasping

Get positive mental attitude & get rid from negative thoughts and emotions

Learn Goal Setting & Achieving, along with lifelong progress secrets

Relieve Stress & Gain Mental Peace

Learn to get rest & refreshment in lesser time

Generate self-confidence & Power to take required Actions by breaking mental limitations

Get out of Depression & Emotional setbacks

Get Everlasting Happy Relationship, release any hatred, guilt or anger

Come in Peak Performance State by generating physical & mental strength. Get back your real energy

Learn to receive Cosmic Energy & Meditate. Get Total Life Balance in every field of Life

Understand Human Psychology & gain Self Control to get everlasting self-motivation & drive progress

Change in Habits & Behaviour Patterns


I am YUKTA BANSAL,a psychology student, of humanities section ,DAV SRESHTHA VIHAR,DELHI. Even today when i am sending you email,can still feel the HANGOVER OF HAPPINESS. This workshop has made me realize that i can overcome any fear and obstacles that actually I felt before it. Now I am more determined towards my goal. Moreover i have started looking every difficult situation with fresh perspective. I have already attended 1 month workshop for NLP. The learning technique you told refreshed those memories. I am still practicing them . The major achievement was I wrote a poetry as a feedback for you .I would definitely whatsapp you. kindly read and review ,if possible. The last theme of REBIRTH IS MY THEME AS WELL. Moreover i wrote it just in 15 minutes with utmost perfection all i used to desire to write and followed all rules of writing poetry. A big thank you to you and your team for giving this new life to me.

Well first it was an amazing workshop, I have attended yet. It was really an emotional rollercoaster!!!!! The thing I want to thank you about is when you made us realise whom we love the most….not these fake loves/ relationships that are going around…..it was really an emotional moment for all of us which personally, made me cry too. Thank you for taking this workshop in our school. Hope to have you again really soon!!!!

Dear sir, Thank you so much. The workshop really helped me a lot. I had a friend to whom i hesitated to say sorry and even if I said sorry, my friend didn’t care for it or may be I didn’t mean it. After attending your workshop I decided to give it a last chance to apologise and I am so happy that this time my friend forgave me and we started talking to each other again. I would once again like to thank you as just because of you I got my best friend back. Thank you so much.