Crystals are the purest form of energy as well as the most positive. Crystals are considered to be the first form of life in which existence manifested itself.

Crystals are different from normal stones and rocks as atomic structure in crystals are polarized i.e. each particle is growing in the same direction. This polarity changes when it is subjected to pressure or heat (such as the heat and pressure of your hand). This means crystals can affect flow of energy when heat or pressure is applied. These energies are given and programmed by the consciousness of a person. Therefore, crystals have brilliant healing capabilities, they can literally help one out in any aspect of life. They can help us biologically, mentally and emotionally. They can be used for relaxation, purification and manifestation of desires as well.

There are thousands of types of Crystals present in the world for almost every problem, as one comes to realize that chemical medicine cannot solve all the problems, crystal healing is becoming increasingly popular. It is often said that crystal chooses the person rather than the opposite. So, if you are reading this article and crystals are pulling your attention, don’t ignore it. There’s a reason for this pull, give crystals a chance and you’ll be giving them a chance to change your whole life.

Crystal healing in itself is very functional and therapeutic but it also act as catalyst in every and any kind of healing modality. At Psyche Alley, we listen to your life story and help you to find your ideal crystal. We also provide healing through the crystal to make your life a beautiful experience. Apart from providing crystal healing sessions we also give scientific and practical training to become professional certified crystal healer.



What are crystals?

Origin of crystals?

How are crystals are different from normal stones? 

Why and how does crystals work?

Choosing the right crystal.

Processing the crystal to work for yourself and others.

Life enhancing crystals and healing crystals.

Type of crystals and their uses.

Crystal healing in person.

Crystal healing from distance.


Energy Exchange - Rs.5,000/- (Including Crystal Kit, Manual and Certificate)

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