“Psyche” means Soul/Spirit. “Alley” means a pathway, a passage that leads to the ultimate nature of self, to the highest consciousness. On this journey one sometimes get stuck, attach or ill. we forget who we really are? why we are here? what is that we need to do? which path to choose and how to manifest what we want to achieve in this lifetime? Psyche Alley is an initiative by Bhavya Aggarwal and Tanya Tonk, who provide various individual and public sessions to help one with their deepest fears, attachments and questions about existence. Psyche Alley is a healing and therapy institute in Delhi which deals with metaphysical sciences.

We use holistic approach towards one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We use multiple modalities such as hypnotherapy, crystal healing, tarot card reading, aroma therapy and much more to remove the blockages and continue your journey towards light. We are well accredited and also provide training programmes for these modalities on one to one and public level. This alternative healing and therapy institute is based in East Delhi, Krishna Nagar.

Take your time and explore our various services and events from the website and book your sessions here. In case of any query feel free to contact us.