Before you pick a tarot card – Read this

Environment plays an important role for a reader to start the session. Being a tarot card reader, one must have certain control over the environment. This includes the physical setting around and one’s inner state.

The biggest barrier in tarot card reading is reader’s own conditioning, perception and thought process. Each card is equivalent to a thousand words, but if one sticks to the reader’s manual or self interpretation of a card, they would limit oneself. To be a reader, one must be able to become STILL, i.e, physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is where Meditation and Sadhana steps in. Better the reader is in the spiritual practices, better understandings could be made, as cards must be read from one’s heart intuitively and not through any logic or calculations. This is the reason why it is not recommended for a reader to do his/her own readings, because one can always attach an expectation while asking the question, which may deviate them from the STILLNESS and corrupt the readings.

Here are some recommendations on how one can practice stillness:

  • Chant AUM 3 times prior to the session.
  • Hold the physical state & focus on the Third Eye.
  • Become aware of your Breathing, transforming it into one with the moment before inhaling and after exhaling.
  • Play Soft & Calm Music in the Background & become one with it.
  • Burn an incense stick & become one with the fragrance.
  • Use the same spot and time over and over again for practice.
  • Remove all other Stimulus. Maintain Cleanliness.

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