We aspire to be the most dependable counselling, therapies and training institute all over the globe. Our services cater to all people, no age, gender, caste or religion bar . Bhavya Aggarwal & Tanya Tonk are famous Tarot Card readers & Therapists with an aim of solving the problems in people’s life. They would answer all of the queries and provide accurate remedies through their services. We at Psyche Alley provides online and offline counselling, therapies and training after understanding one’s core problem.

Our Vision

We wish to be one of the most dependable and trustworthy therapies provider. Our increasing clientele and their belief in us is enabling us to reach our goal. Psyche Alley aspires to make one aware of the unforeseen situations of life and provide the right solutions under the guidance of Bhavya Aggarwal & Tanya Tonk– “Your own Friends”. In addition, we suggest alternate methods to resolve one’s life problems successfully.

Our Belief

Psyche Alley believes in identifying the pain point of a person’s life. These pain areas help us to understand and suggest a remedy which works well to reduce the intensity of the problem and also easy to follow.

Our Mission

Psyche Alley aims at eradicating the life issues and ailments from one’s life. At Psyche Alley we follow the footstep of our masters and similarly our mission is to make people’s life a better place to live.

Our services are carefully designed to aid people. Our client’s regular praise and recommendation for us have proved to be a boon for our small step. We constantly look forward to their feedbacks so that we are able to improve ourselves at every small juncture. However our consistently growing clientele goes to prove that we have managed to establish trust among our followers. Above all our services have been based on the principles of devotion and truth and we wish to inculcate the same to our devotees.

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Therapy, healing and training


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and most effective healing modality. It is a form of alternative medicine in which subconscious mind is used to help with a variety of problems, such as breaking bad habits, coping with stress, recovery from trauma, fear-phobia buster, goal manifestation, spirit release, life enhancement and much more. Book an appointment here.

Tarot Training

Take the first step in the journey of psychic world. Gain insight from your own subconscious mind to help yourself and others. Earn with blessings. Become a professional and certified tarot card reader. Click here.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading is an ancient form of fortune telling which comprises of 78 cards, they are designed in such a way that they hold past, present and future that any consciousness can experience. Apart from predicting future it brings clarity, help one to make decisions and provide guidance. We provide online as well as live sessions in person. Book your session here.

Crystal Training

At Psyche Alley we provide scientific and practical training to become a Crystal Healer. Crystal healing in itself is very functional and therapeutic but it also act as a catalyst in every and any kind of healing modality.

Past Life Regression

PLR is faithful recording of the previous events. It works on root cause and enables extremely deep change to take place at the very source of the problem. PLR is wonderful healing process as it works deeper on spiritual and psychic level. It is based on principle of cause and effect (Karma Theory) WE STRICTLY AVOID PLR WITHOUT A CAUSE Book your session here.

Smart Memory System

An extract from M2: Mind and Memory Workshop, Smart Memory System is systematic and practical memory training program to memorise and recall anything. This is highly recommended for the students who seeks everlasting success in academics.


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What Our Clients Think

I really enjoyed tarot reading in Psyche Alley. I got the best guru who taught me many precious things about life. I would like to recommend Psyche Alley bcs in Psyche Alley you will feel positivity , connections with yourself, you will find yourself and you will meet the best Tarot card reader .

Tried it for the first time and it ended up being an amazing experience. 🍁

This was a great experience to get in contact with Bhavya Sir.
your readings were so accurate and helpful in my growth.
Keep Spreading this great deed.
you’re so kind and generous.
May the universe bless you.

He is doing his job wonderfully. Great job , keep it up. Amazing session I had. He is really the nicest and one of the finest person , he motivates and inspires in a lot good manner.
He give time to the things and explain it so well and is really kind and a helpful person.


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